FreePlay on The Parkway is now open for the 2012 Season!

FreePlay on The Parkway is designed to encourage creativity, movement, imaginative interaction, and community. It is the prototype for a flexible design concept that Play Inbetween hopes will expand to additional, underutilized spaces throughout the City.

2012 Freeplay opening celebration

Fun on the Imagination Playground Blocks

Play Inbetween’s mission is to develop innovative and unstructured play spaces in underutilized urban areas.  These spaces encourage independent and imaginative play by combining touchable art installations with inventive outdoor furniture and contemporary playground equipment.  This combination provides children with opportunities for independent and imaginative play while building places for community by encouraging multi-generational use. Read this info here phentermine and dig this

 FreePlay's 2012 season is brought to you with the support of



Play Components at FreePlay 

Photo © 2012 Anna Tas      Photo © 2011 Dave Cappaert   Photo © 2012 Anna Tas   
                    The Sand Box               Henge Table Tennis           
Imagination Playground Blocks     

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